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1.     研究体育/ NBA球迷俱乐部和媒体走向。

2.     关注最新的NBA体育动态。

3.     分析并统计行业的数据、行为和趋势。

4.     在社交媒体上与粉丝俱乐部,粉丝俱乐部领导者和粉丝进行协调和沟通。

5.     完成NBA球星/体育艺人粉丝社区发展的KPI,例如社交媒体平台的关注者数量等。

6.     与粉丝俱乐部领导者,合作伙伴协调,共同组织活动。

7.     负责设立NBA球星/体育艺人社群的关键绩效指标。

8.     负责计算NBA球星/体育艺人社群活动的利润/损失。


1.     性格外向并热衷于组织活动和会见人。

2.     喜欢到不同的城市旅游。

3.     优秀的活动和项目管理技能。


1.     本科及以上的学历。

2.     1 - 3年在中国社交媒体平台的工作经验,最好是体育或娱乐业。

3.     1 - 3年中大型粉丝见面活动的项目经验。

The Fan club & community manager is under the community, social media and PR department. He/She works closely with the Social media accounts manager to grow the fan club base on the different social media platforms.

The role of Fan club and Community Manager is to research and reach out to fan clubs of the NBA talents and manage their fan club leaders in the different cities.

The Fan Club & Community Manager need to have a deep interest in the sports industry, especially Basketball and the NBA. Understand the behaviour and emotions of Sports/NBA fans and identify potential talents to market in China. He/She should also enjoy building community and interact and making friends with other sports fans.


1.        Research on the sports/NBA fan clubs, monitor and social media listening.

2.        Follow the latest happening in sports, the NBA.

3.        Analyze and report on trends, behaviour based on analytics and stats.

4.        Coordinate and communicate with the fan clubs, fan club leaders & fans on social media.

5.        In-charge of the KPI for community’s growth, social media platform follower numbers, subscribers and etc.

6.        Coordinate with fan club leaders, partners to co-organize events.

7.        In-charge of the KPIs to organize the number of events.

8.        In-charge of Profit/Loss for organised events. 

Skills & requirements: 

1.Outgoing and enthusiastic about organising events and meeting people.2.Enjoys travelling to different cities for events.3.Strong event and project management skills.


1.Bachelor Degree or equivalent. 2.1-3 years in social media community relations, preferably in sports or entertainment industry.3.1-3 years mid to large scale (fan-meet) event organising experience.


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媒介/粉丝社群经理(体育/NBA) / 7k-9k

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